Case studies in ethics and hiv research

New England Journal of Medicine, pp. This process tends to bring more than grief to us. There is also a risk that he could go on to infect future sexual partners. In addition, attitudes and vulnerabilities change over time. He has indicated that he will end his course of treatment thus risking relapse and severe health problems including death.

Vaccine Ethics

Therefore, researchers conducting studies in the E. Apparent organic problems may arise from an infection related to HIV, to organic damage unrelated to HIV infection, or to a psychological response to the knowledge that one has AIDS or is HIV infected and to the social, economic, legal, and other consequences of being known to carry the virus.

Applications addressing ethical, legal and policy challenges in big data research could include issues such as Legal and ethical scholarship to inform a new framework to address privacy and public trust in big data research; Ethical analysis of use of non-traditional data sources such as social media, GPS data, commercial and consumer data, etc.

For example, when investigators seek to address a public health question and conduct an investigation to generalize the findings to other settings, then the project would be considered research and institutional review board oversight would be required.

The grantees provided an array of services to a mix of target populations. University of California Press; A dilemma for psychologists.

The implementation of ethical guidelines for research on HIV

The tragedy has been magnified because of what the Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic identified as the severely "limited access to quality care, as well as the limitations of financing illness care in general across the nation" p.

Thus, for example, medical groups in the Los Angeles areas recommended in May,that those who received blood transfusions between and March, the month in which hospitals and blood banks began screening for HIV consider undergoing testing. If the neuropsychological impairment is due to infection, it is important to determine whether the impairment results from opportunistic infections that are treatable e.

The Uniqueness of Genetic Information There are differences of opinion about the significance of genetic information for individuals and their families.

This FOA provides a list of suggested topics, but other topics and areas of inquiry may be proposed. Several specific populations have been defined as vulnerable e. Journal of the American Medical Association, pp.

Case studies in ethics and HIV research

Over time, the fears related to confidentiality and discrimination have decreased; anxiety about the test, however, appears to have increased. About two months later, suicidal ideation had significantly decreased even among the seropositive sample.

Some states explicitly define genetic information as personal property; some consider DNA samples as personal property, and some states have penalties for violating genetic privacy laws.

Fresh pathways to follow.

List of medical ethics cases

As the WHO data indicate, Africa has been hit especially hard. Confusion over whether the program constituted human subjects research resulted in the loss of formative pilot data at 1 site when a local institutional review board determined that appropriate approvals had not been in place.

There is an urgent need for primary and secondary prevention among youth populations at high risk of acquisition or transmission of HIV, both globally and domestically. For the last 18 months Bob has been in a relationship with Sue.Analysis.

To better solving this case and making the best moral decision, the ethical theory, the ethical principles and the Australian nurses' code of ethics values statement, the associated literature relative with this case are analyzed before the decision making.

The following are chosen from the AETC-NMC collection of case studies and focus on scenarios involving LGBT persons: Case Study 5: Carol, a year-old woman of African descent, comes to the clinic for a follow-up visit after having an HIV test. Jul 02,  · Johns Hopkins expert says crucial ethics should be considered in HIV cure research In his opinion, Sugarman highlights the importance of considering and managing risk for the sexual partners of research subjects, and maintaining confidentiality as has been done.

"The use of case studies makes this a rich book that contributes to the research ethics literature. The discussion of the cases and the ethical issues each case raises give readers a better appreciation of the breadth and depth of the relevant ethical and scientific concerns.".

It is a violation of basic research ethics to assert that the failure to prevent HIV infection in these studies is somehow justified by the potential for preventing future HIV infections based on data that may be generated in this research. From the reviews: "The use of case studies makes this a rich book that contributes to the research ethics literature.

The discussion of the cases and the ethical issues each case raises give readers a better appreciation of the breadth and depth of the relevant ethical and scientific concerns."Reviews: 1.

Case studies in ethics and hiv research
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