How to write an ap studio art concentration statement

The negative spaces that the ink encompasses become the placeholders for the color. I used a variety of media, but relied mostly on pen. When referencing specific images, please indicate the image numbers. As my concentration developed I simplified the composition so the viewer would focus solely on the figure in the composition rather than the background.

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Examples Artist Statement 1 My concentration is a series of abstractions constructed using pastel and ink. The commentary consists of two parts; a statement and an elaboration. You will be required to complete 2 pieces of writing that will accompany your portfolio submission to the College Board.

Define what a concentration is by having students refer to the list of the requirements for each portfolio. Describe what you principles and elements of design or metaphor or symbol you are working with and how it ties in to the theme and concept: Artist Statement 2 I was interested by the possibility that ordinary games could be depicted dramatically to evoke a sense of grandeur.

My concentration is about humiliating and humorous moments that occur in everyday life. I know there could have been ways I could have done things differently, or I could have done different pieces, and different things, but i believe with all of my being that everything happens for a reason, and that this all ended up the way it was meant to.

However, I widened the variety of pictures from which I was creating my abstractions and began focusing on computerized designs and images from nature. They should also consider ideas included in a teacher created list of concentration ideas and best practices. In a future lesson provide students with instruction for writing an elaboration which is the second section of the written commentary.

The statement supports each portfolio by informing the work and conveying a sense of the direction of the investigation and the learning that occurred during the process of creating the concentration portfolio. They should also include questions and comments about their own writing. I found the subway particularly evocative because, despite the suffocating proximity and unusually closeness of the other commuters, each person was intently contemplating their own lives, completely unaware that everyone else was consumed by the same personal reflection.

I focused on the movement of the lines in each picture and embellished them to that they could embody the shape of the design. The statement supports each portfolio by informing the work and conveying a sense of the direction of the investigation and the learning that occurred during the process of creating the concentration portfolio.

This is demonstrated through manipulation of the formal qualities, design, or concept of the source.

AP Portfolio – Sustained Investigation (Concentration)

In the same paragraph they also explain how they intend to explore the theme, which media they will use, and any other pertinent information. Encourage students to make suggestions and ask questions.

I chose to focus on zooming in on specially the lines and shapes of these designs and creating animate abstractions from them.Dani's concentration dealt with visual pun.

Each piece was a play on words that translated directly to the image. This piece was titiled, "Goin' Stag" as in reference to a man in a stag bar. When working on Section II: Sustained Investigation, you can edit or view your concentration statement by clicking the Commentary tab from your portfolio work area.

To return to viewing your images in the Sustained Investigation section, click the Images tab. (Be sure to click Save Commentary before returning to view your images.).

AP Studio Art: Breadth. The Breadth section of the AP Studio Art portfolio is a great chance to brush up on skills and experiment. The Breadth section of the portfolio consists of 12 works of art that demonstrate a mastery of skills whilst showing the artistic range of a student.

The AP* Studio Art portfolio has three sections: Breadth, Concentration, and Quality. Breadth: 12 works; Concentration: 12 works; Quality: 5 of the best original works from either the Breadth or Concentration categories; In addition, a written commentary must accompany the work in the Concentration section.

Sustained Investigation Entry

Name _____ AP Studio Art Concentration Statement Rubric Please rate your self on how well you did the following 1 is lowest and 5 is highest.

This portion of your portfolio also includes a Concentration Statement (also sometimes called a Sustained Investigation Statement) which describes your central idea and how you demonstrate your exploration of it. Use CollegeVine’s Ultimate Guide to the AP Studio Arts Portfolio to help shape your understanding of the assessment and how to.

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How to write an ap studio art concentration statement
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