Price determination under oligopoly

Like monopoly, there is a restriction on the Price determination under oligopoly of new firms in an oligopolistic industry. How will the industry output be shared equally between the two firms?

The individual firms surrender their price-output decisions to this central board. But there are three most common price leadership models which we discuss now: They may not sell the same quantity at the agreed common price. So long as the MC curve continues to intersect the MR curve in the discontinuous portion, there will be price rigidity.

As a result, the product cost decreases with production capacity enhancement. The firms forming a cartel gain at the expense of customers who are charged a high price for the product.

Forfaiting A form of factoring in which large, medium- to long-term receivables are sold to buyers forfaiters that are willing and able to bear the costs and risks of credit and collections. Monopolists cause economic waste by restricting output. However, many recent Marxists deny that any problem exists.

It yielded large profits under careful management. But the dominant firm would supply nothing at the price OP. There are several types of price leadership.

Stigler has shown on empirical evidence that in an inflationary period the rise in output prices is not confined only to one firm but is industry-wide.

This is given by the sum of the squared values of themarket shares of all the firms in the industry. In fact they do not consider any other option as long as the pursuit of existing business activity produces the desired results.

Nevertheless, the conclusions arrived at help to explain Price- output policies in all such situations. Such a price must allow them some profits.

Thus perfect collusion by oligopolistic firms in the form of a cartel has certain advantages. Gradualism A steady and calculated approach to transforming an economy from communism to capitalism.

Price and Output Determination under Oligopoly

The cost curves of the two firms are identical. Unless all member firms in the cartel are strongly committed to cooperation, outside disturbances, such as a sharp fall in demand, may lead to the breakdown of the cartel. What is legal monopoly?

For example, even though there aremany cement producers in India, competition is limited to the few local producers ina particular area.

If the existing oligopolists are wiser, they may forestall entry by charging a price lower than the profit maximisation price OP. The current plan is to take this supply disaster and spread it How much fun can you have? This is termed has harvesting strategy and is usually associated, with cost cutting and price increases to generate extra profits.

Hedge A position or operation that offsets an underlying exposure. But the output level falls from OQ2 to OQ1. Under it, one firm acts as the price leader and fixes the price for the product while other firms follow it.

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MONOPOLISTIC COMPETITION Edward Chamberlin, who developed the model of monopolistic competition, observed that in a market with large number of sellers, the products of individual firms are not at all homogeneous, for example, soaps used for personal wash. Price and Output Determination Under Oligopoly: Definition of Oligopoly: Oligopoly falls between two extreme market structures, perfect competition and monopoly.

Oligopoly occurs when a few firms dominate the market for a good or implies that when there are a small number of competing firms, their marketing decisions exhibit strong mutual interdependence.

Words: Descriptions: Glossary of Export Import Trade Terms Starting with-A AB: Appellate Body: Absolute Advantage(AB-AD) An absolute advantage exists in condition of when a nation or other economic region of any country is able to produce a good or service more efficiently than a second (other) nation or its region.

Price Determination under Oligopoly Oligopoly is that market situation in which the number of firms is small but each firm in the industry takes into consideration the reaction of the rival firms in. Rani Channamma University : B.Com Model Question Paper

Generally large firms with a sizeable portfolio of businesses do not usually depend on the stability strategy as a main route, though they may use it under certain special circumstances.

Price determination under oligopoly
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